Today was UNREAL. We started the day with class (of course), and we talked about the importance of different politics and political systems in globalization. It was interesting because, as anthropology students (and as a budding anthropologist myself), politics is just another part of studying cultures.

After class, we all piled into our two vans (we’ve now dubbed them the Red Baron and the Green Hornet) and headed back up near Ngerchelong to where the Ngardmau waterfall is located. We got there, and it was a short hike down into the falls. It was so beautiful. We had the chance to zipline while we were there, and about 6 students did that. I got some great pictures of them, they looked like they had so much fun even though they were all pretty scared!

We continued the hike down, and it was a little terrifying. A bunch of people kept slipping and sliding on the rocks down into the falls. We found a really cool swimming hole with a mini waterfall, so we took a break there to swim around a bit before we made it to the big waterfall. Once we did make it (across a scary bridge!)…it was amazing. My mind was so blown. There were rocks to sit on underneath the water and we all just hung out (of course, had a photo shoot), and got to lie in the sun.

One the way up from the waterfalls, a few of us rode this monorail. It was so weird! It was this little mini train that literally moved slower than the others who were walking to the top! It was cute, though, and fun to be able to take some cool pictures.

After the waterfall, we drove what’s called the “Ring Road” on the way to the Palauan capitol. It was beautiful! They views of the tropical jungles and ocean were so amazing. The capitol was incredible, too. We got to walk around and it was so strange how there was no security or anything. We just roamed the grounds and checked everything out. The building was huge, and had domes and columns reminiscent of the typical U.S. capitol building, and yet had tiles with intricate tribal designs and traditional ideas.

Today was so fun. After reflection, we were all so exhausted! We all got together in Morgan and my room to play some more Mafia together, but then we all couldn’t wait to pass out.

Tomorrow is our free day. We have Sundays off from class and work and stuff, so half the group is going on a guided kayak tour through the Rock Islands. The rest of us are going to one of the local resorts. It has a beach and a pool and a Jacuzzi, so we’re pretty excited to check it out and relax.

Still loving every second of being here!

a. xo